(Last Updated On: August 30, 2018)

1.4 Steel Bones Spandex Waist Trainer

The most hot selling item is the following spandex waist trainer .

Material is Nylon + Spandex, usually it has two normal colors black and beige.

We are manufacturer and can do custom color and size items for our customers .

Many of our customer call it every day waist trainer, because it is very comfortable to wear.

You can wear it like a underwear. The material is soft and have a good elasticity.

The big feature is that it has 6 rows of hooks, You can only buy one waist trainer and it will still fit you even you get slimmer.

Spandex waist trainer banner1

Spandex waist trainer banner1


2.9 Steel Bones Latex Spliced Waist Trainer

It is a new design , same material as the solid color items.

So why it is selling hotter than the normal ones ?

The reason is the black Splicings on the both side making the waist seems more slimmer.

Even thought this product cannot help you lose weight once you put it on,it can make you seems slimmer. It is a amazing item, right ?

Latex waist trainer banner2 1

Latex waist trainer banner2 1


3.11 Colors Waist Trimmer Belt

For this waist trimmer belts it can support your waist strongly with the thick and wide plastic bones. So it is very suitable for working out at gym. There are many colors for your selections .

And if you can custom your own brand color that is ok. And it is not only for women but also for man. The neoprene material is 2.5mm thick which can collect sweat burn your fat when you are working out at the gym. When you get our item you will find it is not the cheap and bad workmanship item.

waist trimmer belts Banner3

waist trimmer belts Banner3